My name is Cassidy Elizabeth Cecilia Kotyla, but a lot of people call me Cass. Needless to say, my nose is usually between two pages and my fingers are almost always typing away on a keyboard. Feel free to scroll through the pages of my blog or look at some of my videos on my YouTube channel!


Name: Cassidy Elizabeth Cecilia Kotyla

Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut

Birthday: August 7, 2017

Astrological Sign: Leo

Favorite Color: Black

School Name: University of Massachusetts Amherst (Class of 2018 baby!)

Favorite Thing To Do With Friends: If it’s summer, I like to build a fire and roast marshmallows. If it’s any other time, I love to go to concerts and hang out with other fun people.

Least Favorite Food: Ground Beef (sorry, everybody)

Favorite Food: Blueberries

Favorite Song: Right now???? Maybe Plain Jane by A$AP Ferg


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