10 Holiday Gifts For Boyfriends Who ~Surprisingly~ Wait Until Last Minute

Let’s start off with this… no, this post is not for my boyfriend. We’ve already picked our gifts, so this is for the boys and girls out there who haven’t gotten their stuff together yet. Just wanted to fill you all in!


With many holidays unfolding right in front of us, it’s beginning to be too late to order too many things online or be put on a waiting list for the sold out items. Because of this, I’m here to save the day. I spend hours per day on Pinterest and Instagram, especially on sites where any 20-something year old woman would genuinely appreciate. Trust me, I’ve been a woman all my life. I know this shit.

  1. Literally any Lush product, especially the bath bombs. Have you ever walked into Lush and literally spent an hour smelling everything in the store? It makes the experience extremely satisfying but the checking out process way too overwhelming. Some items that any girl would like would be the Mask of Magnaminty face and body cleanser ($28.95, 11.1 oz.) because it’s built for so many skin types and can be used anywhere on your body. I would definitely recommend that or the Star Light Star Bright bath bomb ($8.95, 3.5 oz.), but only if the person you’re shopping for has a tub.
  2. The extra long Apple IPhone charger. This is easily a no-brainer because who wouldn’t want to enjoy a nice, long charger? Say goodbye to tugging on your footlong charging cord which rips off of your wall in seconds. You can find it on the Apple store here, and they hardly ever run out.
  3. Any Glam Glow face mask, ever. Hardly ever do I run into a female who disagrees with the statement, Face masks are the best thing in the world. After trying countless masks for a countless number of facial problems, GlamGlow takes the Top 3 in terms of best face masks. You can find them at your local Sephora or even order it off of their main site.
  4. One of those glass Starbucks tumblers that are WAY too overpriced but look AMAZING. Have you ever stared at the tumblers in line to get your Starbucks drink and thought to yourself, Man, I wish I had one of those and still the same amount of money in my pocket. Me too, hun. Me too. In case someone wants to get one for you **cough cough**, feel free to check out some amazing designs here.
  5. Checkered Vans. Enough said. Just get them. If you don’t believe me, check any college-aged woman’s Instagram in America and ask me again what they like these days. You’re welcome.
  6. Brandy Melville sweaters! One thing that is great about Brandy Melville is how simple their clothing is. The person who you’re shopping for doesn’t need to have a particular style, because everything they sell conforms to the already-existing style. Check out items like this Joy Division Band Tee ($28) or the Anne Bodysuit ($24).
  7. Brush sets from Sephora. Nothing says “I have my life together like you wouldn’t believe” like a fully stocked brush set. You can find pretty ones here for a higher budget or lower budget ones here!
  8. A gift card to a restaurant that sells pizza. Lots of pizza. Why wouldn’t you? If you’re in Connecticut, consider places like Savoy Pizzeria or even Cheesecake Factory. (Have you tried their flatbreads?!)
  9. Get her a monthly makeup subscription box! If you don’t know about this already, it’s like getting a subscription for wine or steak. But, this time around, it’s makeup. Companies like Birchbox or Ipsy are built to give you several samplers of high-end brands every month for you to try!
  10. Or just get her the damn puppy already. Consider Pet Finder your best friend, folks.


If you have any other suggestions for what you should get a 20-something year old woman for the holiday season, make sure to comment below! Lastly, make sure to follow me on Instagram at @CassidyKotyla. Until then, xoxo.


— Cass


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