Six YouTubers Who Will Give You A Different Outlook on Vlogging

It’s no surprise that YouTube vloggers are essentially taking up the entirety of the internet these days. YouTube, known as the main video sharing platform in the world, holds more than one billion users per month as well as generates more than 300 hours of uploads per minute. However, while it’s amazing to see bloggers advancing to YouTube to create video content, it becomes extremely hard to filter through what you might find appealing and what others might find “viral” or “worthy” of your time. It’s important to find users or bloggers who do not have millions of subscribers, but rather focus on bloggers who hone in on important and viral topics without being so famous already, and join their following as you watch them gain more experience in content creation. Being that I spend hours a day on my laptop, I fortunately have the luxury to peruse through users’ profiles and find what appeals to me. Though I have dozens of favorites, I compiled a list of six people that I really thought would be the “‘best” users out there, without listing those who have millions of followers already.

  1. Peter Mckinnon – Photography/Tutorials

Based out of Canada, McKinnon has more than 900,000 subscribers on YouTube (which, in retrospect, is not that much for a decently good YouTuber these days). He attributes most to all of his videos to building up one’s photography skills, editing skills, and what equipment to consider buying. I would definitely check this guy out if you’re considering purchasing a camera, even if you’re just starting within the realm of photography. In addition, his Instagram account is filled to the brim with amazing pictures, all of which he has taken.

2.  Chris Klemens – Comedy, Daily Vlogging

Klemens has not only followed in the footsteps of major YouTube celebrities such as David Dobrik and Elijah & Christine, but he has also added a sarcastic twist to his content, making it incredibly funny and witty. His website in which he constantly advertises, sells merchandise that sends its profit to organizations like Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign, and more, making it all that more enjoyable to partake in. Known primarily for recording a video hating on famous YouTuber Jake Paul, Klemens enjoys poking fun at some of the biggest failures of YouTube’s history.

3.  Justin Escalona – Short Films, Daily Vlogging

Originally from the outskirts of Chicago but a student at the University of Southern California Film School, Escalona built up his reputation as a filmmaker while still studying in college. His channel, which features his “Daily Docs” (daily episodes that feature his friends, surroundings, and everyday struggles as a teenager in the heart of Los Angeles), has attracted more than 250,000 followers on YouTube alone. Most recently, Escalona began directing and producing short films, mainly since he earned his title as a filmmaker and a founder of the clothing brand ‘1340 Collective Co.’. Escalona is very active on his Instagram story and is constantly reaching out to his fans for inspiration on videos, selling equipment, or inviting them to his apartment in Los Angeles or meet ups or the chance to hang out.

4.  Shannon Beveridge – Relationships/LGBTQ Community

Most widely known for her presence on Tumblr, Shannon, also known as ‘NowThisIsLiving’, has been featured as one of the most prominent members of the LGBTQ community on YouTube. From most recently breaking up with her girlfriend, who also happened to be a YouTube star, Shannon has devoted several vlog posts to helping individuals overcome struggles as a member of the LGBTQ community. Shannon also hangs out with Chris Klemens (See #2), especially in videos which were dedicated to making sarcastic comments about Jake Paul and his behavior in the media.

5.  Monica Church – Daily Vlogging/Travel

Most commonly known as one of the ‘Church Twins’, Monica’s channel is dedicated to her life of travel, mostly on the West Coast between her home in Washington and Los Angeles. Being friends with other YouTuber’s like Justin Escalona, you can see Church featured in other people’s videos from time to time. I would suggest watching a few of Church’s videos if you’re looking for some travel inspiration or if you enjoy binge-watching some daily vloggers in their everyday lives.

6.  Lucie Fink – Tips/Tricks/Life-Hacks

I first met Lucie during the HerCampus HerConference 2017 in New York City. After learning about how she’s a producer at Refinery 29, I decided to give her videos a try and watch them….all. Wow. Originally known for making stop-motion videos on her Instagram, Fink had curated the ‘Living With Lucie’ series on the Refinery 29 channel. With this channel, Fink posts mainly “I Tried…” posts which are suggested by fans, in which she’ll try something that fans are curious or skeptical about. Definitely take a look at her posts about healthy eating, no social media for a week, or going on a cleanse!



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