Michael Blume Q & A–Emerging Artists Without Genre Borders

Michael Blume is an artist celebrating all good things happening in the music industry right now–free forms of expression, interesting development of artistic concepts, and thinking outside the box when it comes to attracting viewers. I did a quick Q&A with him to see what his thoughts were on being an emerging artist, being invited to a big festival such as Firefly, and the more intimate parts to his music.

CasElizabethCecilia: ‘It’s nice to have a chance to sit down with you, Michael. To start, what gets you the most excited before you perform?’

Michael Blume: ‘I think just being with my band, and kind of thinking about the music and how hard we’ve worked to get the opportunities we’ve had… we think about it as just like one big, long journey.’

CasElizabethCecilia: ‘So after listening to some of your songs, your style is kind of eclectic–to me, it doesn’t necessarily fit into one genre. What would you classify your particular genre or style as?’

Michael Blume: ‘I would agree that it doesn’t fit in one genre neatly. It’s not trendy, it’s a new blend. My quick elevator answer is sometimes ‘progressive R&B’, which I don’t love. It’s like R&B and pop mixed into one. It’s really honest, vulnerable, story-telling. It’s kind of a mix of those elements.’

C: ‘So which artists do you look up to the most?’

M: ‘Wow, there are so many. When I think about the musical artists that really inspire me, it’s definitely people who have created their own universe. You know, people who imagined their own universe with their own rules–Lady Gaga, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, James Brown. To me, there’s really two types of music–good music and bad music. I’m learning a lot about the visual arts and visual world, too. I’ve been thinking a lot about the period of Picasso where the faces are all disjointed and stuff. He took something where you expected to see something but distorted it and made it uncomfortable. I guess that’s what I’m trying to do in my music right now.’

C: ‘Would you say you’d like to add more of an avant-garde element to your music?’

M: ‘Sure, there’s definitely an avant-garde element to it. I think, essentially what my work is trying to do is ask questions that aren’t necessarily being asked. You know, we’re all following so many rules regarding social constructs and behavior and action, and I want to shine a light on all of this.’

C: ‘Are there any groups or people that you look up to or would like to collaborate with in the future?’

M: ‘So many. I mean, all of the ones I just said. When I think of it, I think the headliners like Chance The Rapper–so inspiring. I think Chance would f**k with what I’m doing. I know this is lofty and kind of cliche, but definitely Beyonce. I think she is the artist of my lifetime. She’s just…she curates everything so beautifully–the music, the looks, the dance moves, the choreography, the vision–she creates this universe so that it’s not just what her music sounds like; it’s what it feels like, it’s what it tastes like, it’s what you take away from it.

C: ‘That’s awesome. So, a lot of your songs are pretty personal and revolve around relationships. Is there anybody special in your life right now?’

M: ‘Well, you’re special. Everybody’s special. I don’t believe in traditional ideals of relationships. If you’re question is if I have anybody special in my life, yes. If you’re question is if I’m f**king anybody, no, I’m not. But, I’m looking for that.’

C: ‘I was going to say, are there any specific individuals behind your songs.’

M: ‘Good question. On the EP…yep. Yep, yep. There are. On some of the songs it’s just one person, but then the rest of the song I’ll kind of exaggerate it. Or, someone will inspire multiple songs.’

C: ‘Describe the song, ‘Relationship‘, to me as a story.’

M: ‘That one is about a relationship with myself. You know, I’m confident that I’m going to blow up one day. And it means that I have less time to do stuff, like see friends. I’m less available to make a call. I’m missing a family thing right now; yesterday’s my grandma’s 85th birthday, I’m missing it by being here. Relationships, I recently found out, are one of the hardest things. It’s so hard because my professional life is my personal life. It’s from the moment that I wake up to the moment that I go to bed.’

C: ‘So, I’m going to change the topic a little bit. Can we be expecting some new songs in the near future?’

M: ‘Oh, yes. We’re finishing an album right now. We’ve got a lot of songs…’

C: ‘Fifteen plus hopefully?’

M: ‘Definitely fifteen plus. We’ve got to narrow it down, though. They won’t all make them on the album. The first single is going to come out next month. It’s been a long time coming; I haven’t released music in about a year.’

C: ‘Awesome. Where was your favorite place to perform and why?’

M: ‘Well, we played at Governor’s Ball a couple weeks ago and that was my first festival gig. They were so excited and super into it.’

C: ‘Alright, so we have one more question. Are you a cat or dog person?’

M: ‘Dog.’

C: ‘Oh, thank god.’


Thank you so much to Michael Blume and his management team for coming down to Firefly. Stay tuned for his new single coming out in July and for his future performances!


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