What This World Needs More Of: Empowerment

So, it’s pretty obvious that I’ve taken some time off from blogging on this wonderful site because of many reasons. First off, I went through a period in my life where criticism was high and my self-esteem was low. I realized that what you put on the Internet, even though you might be extremely proud of it, can be taken the wrong way and cause some issues in life. Secondly, I went through a pretty rough semester in which my anxiety skyrocketed and pretty much took over my entire existence. But have no fear, this is the start of a new year and so here I am, back to give you my latest thoughts.

With the most awful year in existence behind us, we need to all look, not only as a nation, but as a collective society, within the better of things. One of the things that I’ve noticed at the time that I was most anxious was that you will become more anxious if you surround yourself with anxiety and stress-induced individuals or events. With the second month of this year opening up right around the corner, remember to take time for yourself and just find opportunities to de-stress.

Regardless of who you voted for, what your opinions are on certain individuals within your friend group, who likes who, what grade you got on your most recent research paper, or any of the useless complaining that probably every human being is guilty of on a daily basis, remember to filter out the negative thoughts and replace them with positive outlooks. When I am at my lowest, I always think of how I can grow from that particular incident, and how others around me could benefit from my outlook on life. As the famous author Stephen Richards once said (no, not Stephen Richards the serial killer), “The true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure.” 

With all of this in mind, I have decided to shift my focus of my blog this year to what really matters–empowerment of every individual, regardless of their religious views, sexuality, political views, or anything else of that matter. Topics covered will be healthy living, fitness, empowerment, and some extra stuff that I have up my sleeve!

Stay tuned, and as always,



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