Top 5 Signs That You’re Being Led On

Recently, it has come to my attention that many girls deal with this problem, and not just girls in a college setting. They jump into a “thing” with someone, unaware that the reciprocal is not going to want to lock that puppy in after hanging out for what seems like a lifetime. I’ve seen girls google this s*** time after time again, not knowing what to do. Now, this situation sucks, right? You’re planted in a corner and your labeled under the pile of “used” for all eyes to see, but yet you’re still emotionally attached.

There lies your problem, ladies. With that being said, here are the top 5 signs you might want to consider..

1. You spend more time worrying about the future than you look forward for months to come. You constantly toss and turn at night wondering why you can’t sleep. You finally sit up, fully awake, and realize you’re scared s***less because you don’t know if being with this person is worth while or if you’re doomed to waste your time. If you lie awake at night thinking whether this person is causing you more harm for your emotions than good, maybe you should take that as a sign.

lovelikeafriend gif

2. You cut yourself off to other people, yet in reality, you could be with whoever you want. One of the worst parts about being led on to believe that there’s a future with two people is that you feel the obligation to not be with anybody else. You build up a fortress of trust, and ladies, if you feel like no one is testing that trust, or even admiring that you have that trust factor built up, you might want to reconsider things.

friends gif

3. You know his friends, even his parents, but even that’s not enough. There comes a time where a guy might be willing to share his personal relationships with other important individuals in his life, and that really proves something. It adds a level of trust. But if after the fact it’s still not enough, that just becomes an awkward time.

bullshit gif

4. You ask to DTR and he becomes standoffish. Ladies, if after a period of months, God forbid years, he won’t commit, you need to pay attention to your friends when they wave the red flag right above your gif

5. At the end of the night, you still have to tell people you’re single. This sounds like a beautiful thing, but when you’re at a party and feel obligated to be the “mom-figure”, that’s when you need to reassess things.       adventure time gif

For the people who have been talking to me about this in the past few weeks, thank you for the inspiration.


As always, xoxo.


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