How To Spot A F**k Boy

“Nobody has to know,” he said.

“We can just hang out casually and see where it goes,” he said.

Ladies, put your damn foot down. It’s time to stop with the “maybe’s” and the “we’ll see’s” and put your foot on the damn break pedal. New semesters are built for new opportunities, new friends, and an end to bad habits. Think deep down and pick out your worst 5 habits, and make an effort this semester to cut them out of your life. Trust me, it’ll be for the better.

I chose to write about this because there are so many girls that talk to me about boy trouble. They all centralize around the same topic, by the way–relationships. A girl loves the idea of being in a relationship with what seems like the guy of her dreams, but the guy couldn’t care less to what happens at the end of the day. This ends up creating a bunch of stress to the girl, and guys, we don’t like you very much for that.

If you can’t tell if you’ve got a f**k boy on your hands, let me give you some hints:

1. You go to a party and he’s all over you after talking about five minutes about how your biology exam went,


even when all you want to do is this with your girlfriends.


2. You exchange numbers and every text he sends you is with a 😉 or “when are we gonna chill”. Seriously, guys, even if you have good intentions, stop with that. No girl likes that, and we’ll chill when we’re done with our incredibly busy days.


3. Every time you hang out it’s just an excuse to go for something further. If there’s no sense of chivalry in the matter, don’t think he’s willing to JUST get Starbucks with you.


4. You see him during the daylight and he gives you nothing but a head check. And it wasn’t because you’re in your sweatpants going to your 8am calc class, either.


5. Finally, if you go to the EXACT SAME PARTY the next week and see the same, sad event repeating itself with another girl with the same height, weight, and hair color as you, maybe it’s time to do a little self-reflection and understand that you’ve got a f**k boy on your hands.



Granted, there are some AMAZING gentleman out there, even in a college setting like this. Every guy is different, but we ladies can all spot these kinds from a mile away.


As always, xoxo.


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