Tis’ The Season To Pay It Forward

Merry Christmas everybody! If you don’t celebrate the holiday, may your final days of December be amazing! I’m so happy to say that I got to spend my Christmas with my family. Pretty soon I’ll be off to Boston to see the rest of the people I care about most!


Anyways, one of the most surprising things that I was able to witness this holiday season was the power of giving and reassurance. With two parents who are still happily married, it’s a gift in itself to see the family together on Christmas Day, as I know many families these days don’t have that luxury. Instead of a purse, some perfume, or a picture frame of the family, my mom wanted a different present this year. In fact, she wanted to show others the power of “paying it forward”.

My father created the idea of going out and giving out envelopes of small bills to people we saw that might be in need of it that day. It might have even been enough to make a dent in whatever purchase people were planning on making. The goal was to give it to them as a “pay it forward” in honor of someone that we know that might be going through tough times this year.

If you see somebody on the streets today that look like they might be struggling a little bit, or that they could use a little boost to their day, pay it forward. You don’t always need to pay it forward with money, but it could easily be a simple hug, or even carrying somebodies bags to their car. Regardless, you never know how that person will be effected, and you can certainly learn a lot about a person just by doing a small deed for them.


As always, xoxo


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