What’s My 2016 Bucket List?

A lot of people have been asking me if I have some new year’s resolutions for good ole’ 2016. Well, everybody, I do not. My laid back personality would never commit to such a task, especially since I’m so busy all the time with my daily shenanigans that I would hardly have time to alter my schedule to accommodate something else. Although, I do have a bucket list ready for the 2016 year just so that I don’t let myself down.

Whether it’s something small or something beyond impossible to achieve, whatever is on this list is definitely worth working for. Here’s a little sample of 15 that I have so far.

Disclaimer: I’m definitely adding as I’m going along. This is a little mix of fun stuff with some serious desires. Take a peek!


Bucket List 2016:

  1. Start to see and appreciate the little things in life. I find myself, everyday for that matter, constantly feeling like life is fleeting by, right before my eyes. Life is pointless without seeing everything that’s around you, right?
  2. Spend more time with the fam. There are so many times where I think back and realize that I could’ve spent more time with my family yet I chose to do something completely pointless instead. Being an only child, my parents are the equivalent to my roommates, or my older-older siblings. They’re my rock and they deserve their daughter to be around more often.
  3. Finally spend more time on my blog and less time on Tumblr. The whole point of creating this blog and deleting all the other methods of writing that I had was to centralize my thoughts in one URL, not just make a cluster of blogs with different thoughts or themes. Also, because my dream is to get a job within a public relations firm, this is perfect practice, as well as a step closer towards my dream.
  4. Settle on where I want to study abroad. Alright, everybody, ‘Bama, Oxford, or University of Madrid. You choose! HA, I wish it was that easy. Regardless, I know I want to study abroad, but I know for a fact that I can’t go to all three of my dream places. For all the people who might not know, my second choice school was the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and I chose to go to UMass Amherst instead! I’ve lived in Madrid before, so being back in my old stomping grounds would be so nice. But, I am so intrigued by British culture and style, so going to the UK for a semester and working there might be worth while as well! Who knows, but this is the year to buckle down and decide.
  5. Visit my Spanish soulmate once more! Oh, how I miss my best friend. Iru, if you’re reading this, good job. You’re reading in English. If you can’t read it, ojala que pueda visitarte mas, pero al momento no tengo dinero asi soy un poco pobre (that translates to: I wish I could visit you more, but at the moment I don’t have much money so I’m a little bit poor) (which is true, by the way). If I had $1000 given to me right now, it’d be on a one-way plane ticket to Madrid to see this girl. Iru, you already know you’re the peanut butter to my jelly.
  6. Connect more with people that I wouldn’t think of befriending. There’s over 25,000 people at UMass. Surely, I can start branching out past the freshman that are in my building and Alpha Chi’s. I’d love to start making more connections with people across campus, possibly within Student Government Association!
  7. Be confident with myself. All my life, there has been little parts of me that causes me to be insecure. Whether I’m having a loving-life day or thunder-bolts-over-my-head day, it always has an effect on me. I’d love to start conquering this, and especially paying more attention to the things I’m most proud of in life, like my accomplishments, my friends, my wonderful parents, and the support system all around me.
  8. Try new things other than food. I’m super stubborn about trying new things, whether it’s when someone asks me to try a new plate of sushi from the local joint in town, let alone when someone asks me to go sky diving with them over South Boston for the day. I’m always stubborn when it comes to these things. They say this will get in the way of progressing in life, and if I don’t try it now and make it one of my things to do on my bucket list, I don’t think this battle will ever be conquered.
  9. Stop with the swipes, Cas. I need to stop spending so much money. Let’s all save paper and cut the bank statements a little shorter. Point. Blank. Period.
  10. Stop working myself to the bone. Everybody that knows me knows that I work almost 40 hours a week between two jobs. Hey, that’s my life. This is one of the main points between me trying to get an internship in the city, but also because I love interacting with people and building connections. I also love to advance in whatever I do. Nobody was able to afford a Valentino dress or a Range Rover just by snapping their fingers, now did they?
  11. Get out and be with nature once in a while. One of the perks of going to school in Massachusetts and living in Connecticut is that the hiking spots are prime real estate these days. In order to get more fit, I need to walk more. In order for me to enjoy my walks, I best start back up on the hiking trails again!
  12. Hang onto that one person that treats you right. All of the people that are super close to me know that I don’t always let people in my little bubble of life. This year, in particular, I’d like to be able to find out why this happens all the time and how I can prevent that with one particular person.
  13. Laugh at least once a week so hard that you start crying. One of the best qualities that I find in people is if they’re funny or not. Making me laugh is a must, or you’re being kicked the curb, buddy. I want to start surrounding myself with better people in life that will make me feel good about myself and my choices, not making me feel judged.
  14. Go an entire two weeks with going to every single lecture and discussion. This was a little difficult for me during first semester. The reality check of me being able to not go to classes during college hit me like a ton of bricks. Suddenly my 8am Monday Wednesday Friday class turned into essentially an online course. This can’t ever happen again!
  15. And finally, start up my weekly Starbucks trips again. During the beginning of the semester, I used to go downtown for coffee at the local Starbucks and just sit and read for about two and a half hours. This was one of the only times in the week that I had downtime just to be me and get away from the daily pressures of being a college kid. With 50 cent refills, I always felt like there was no pressure just sitting in a comfy lounge chair and reading a novel of my choosing. I stopped doing it because I just forgot to catch up with life and I lost track of time, but now I think I’ll make it a priority to get back in the swing of things.


Tell me what you want to do “new” for the new year! As always,



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  1. Cassidy! Did you know that before I became a librarian, I worked in PR in NYC and Boston for eight years? Beauty and consumer products…everything from face cream to vodka to cars. If you want an internship, I can get you one.


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