My Journey Towards Being Fit, Happy, and Successful

Introducing the new blog regarding everything any girl wondered about but never knew the answers to, written by a college girl herself that never knew those answers in the first place, but at least knew a little bit about what she was writing.

This blog is intended to be a pouring-out of feelings, learning of myself, and appreciation of others at the same time. As a college student, I think we tend to get wrapped up in so much bullshit, and we never stop and appreciate the small things in life until we’re forced to look at them. I have spent the past year grappling with the idea that I might go through college too fast–that I might never reach my ultimate goals of truly being happy, being able to share that happiness with someone, and helping others find their happiness in between. This blog is intended to help those who feel the exact same way with a combination of tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way!

I’d love to hear from all of the people who read this blog and what their lives are like. I’ll be posting a little biography about myself in the next couple of days, and I really want to know if some of the people who read my blog are just as fucked up as I am.. haha just kidding (sort of)!

With that said, sit back and scroll by beauties!

-Cas Elizabeth Cecilia, xoxo


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