Six YouTubers Who Will Give You A Different Outlook on Vlogging

It’s no surprise that YouTube vloggers are essentially taking up the entirety of the internet these days. YouTube, known as the main video sharing platform in the world, holds more than one billion users per month as well as generates more than 300 hours of uploads per minute. However, while it’s amazing to see bloggers […]

Michael Blume Q & A–Emerging Artists Without Genre Borders

Michael Blume is an artist celebrating all good things happening in the music industry right now–free forms of expression, interesting development of artistic concepts, and thinking outside the box when it comes to attracting viewers. I did a quick Q&A with him to see what his thoughts were on being an emerging artist, being invited […]

Sitting Down With Quinn XCII: Song Inspirations, ‘Grimy’ Venice, & Daily Doc’s

Sitting down in the dimly-lit press tent at Firefly Music Festival, my heart beating slightly out of my chest and onto the table, nervous for the interview ahead of me. Not only was I about to meet and interview someone in which I’ve belted out his hits in the middle of my shower time, but […]

Obtaining Press Passes–How To Talk The Talk & E-Mail To Your Heart’s Content

One of the biggest questions I’m asked these days are¬†how I’m able to attend a bunch of concerts, specifically over the summer. While many people are doing their 9-5pm internships in cities that result them in a massive amount of debt, I chose to waitress and instead focus on growing my brand and improving my […]

Life and Love Is Better When You’re Part of the NFL

I’ve always wondered how people with extremely busy lives manage to a) stay away from constant mental breakdowns, and b) manage to maintain a healthy relationship. From past experiences, being busy 24/7 is never healthy for any relationship, romantic or not. You always need some breathing room. So, I wondered, who’s an individual that probably […]